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Individual Foils - $10 each
Partial Highlight - $150
Partial Highlight + Cut - $270
Half Head - $190
Half Head + Cut - $300
Half Head + Tint - $250


Half Head + Tint + Cut - $385
Full Head Highlight - $250
Full Head Highlight + Cut - $350
Tint - $115
Tint + Cut - $230
Fashion Color - Starting at $50

Glosses, Toners, Shadow Roots - Starting at $30

Permanent Tint:

Adds body and shine. Lightens, darkens, matches and covers grey. Re-growth needs touching up every 4-6 weeks. Demi-permanent tint fades out in 4-8 weeks versus growing out. 


This technique adds beautiful dimension as the color is swept on to your hair creating a sunkissed glow that frames your face. Annya can speak with you about this special effect when making your appointment.

Applied with foils. For a natural blend of color that can enhance, brighten, warm up or add dimension and depth to your natural color, all without the commitment of a tint. Color can be applied in slices for a bolder more accented look. This is a great choice for low maintenance needs. Retouch every 8-12 weeks.
Corrective Color:

Corrects uneven bands of color, flat, unwanted tones, or muddy appearance. Helps to camouflage prior chemical or elemental damage.
Fashion Colors:

Those not naturally found in nature - blues, greens, pinks etc.

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